Typical Projects

Fuling Shale Gas Project

Located in Fuling, Sichuan Province, the gas field covers 443.3 km2 with 2600-3500 meters of reservoir depth.

Puguang Gas Field

Located in Dazhou, Sichuan Province, the gas field covers 1118 km2 with over 5000 meters of reservoir depth.

Shallow Water Artificial Island Project

Shengli Oilfield started to construct artificial islands in shallow water areas from 1986.

Tahe Oilfield Project

The Tahe Oilfield Project is located in the north of Tarim Basin in China's Xinjiang Province.

Tight Gas Project in Erdos Basin

The project is located in the Daniudi and Hangjinqi Block, going across Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China.

Saudi Aramco Project

SSC provides geophysical, drilling and engineering & construction services for Saudi Aramco, and is its largest onshore drilling contractor.

Ghana Natural Gas Engineering Project

The project owner is Ghana Natural Gas Corporation.

Brazil GASENE Pipeline Project

As the EPC general contractor of Petrobras in Brazil GASENE Pipeline Project, SSC is responsible for the whole process services of exploration.

Turkmenistan Project

SSC is the biggest workover specialized company, 2nd largest oilfield engineering service provider in Turkmenistan and reliable partner of Turkmenistan government.

Algeria Project

SSC is currently developing projects like geophysical acquisition, geophysical interpretation and reservoir description, drilling and supporting services.

Mexico Oilfield Integrated Service Project

We signed integrated service contracts with PEMEX to provide integrated services for the Ebano Oilfield whose development areas are 1578 km2 with contract term of 30 years.

Ecuador Oilfield Integrated Service Project

We signed I-L-Y oilfield integrated service project with Petro Ecuador to provide integrated services for 3 old oilfields, and the contract term is 15+5 years.