【Tahe Oilfield Project】

The Tahe Oilfield Project is located in the north of Tarim Basin in China’s Xinjiang Province. With coverage of 116.7 thousand km2 and depth of more than 6500 meters, it is China’s first palaeozoic marine gas field. Till 2016, it has known reserve of 1.39 billion tons, annual production of 9 million tons and accumulative production of 10.5 thousand tons.

SSC provides services of geophysical exploration, well bore engineering and petroleum engineering & construction, etc.

Geophysical prospecting:

Approximate twelve thousand square kilometers of seismic data has been completed, and the application of 2D seismic exploration and 3D high-fold seismic exploration provides an important guidance to the discovery of ultra-deep subtle reservoirs.

Wellbore Services:

SSC’s well bore service includes predrilling and completion, logging, testing, formation transformation, and workover, etc. It has optimized drilling and completion technologies for ultra-deep wells, logging and perforation technologies, HP testing technology, large scale acid frac technology, side drilling for deep wells and workover technologies. Cumulative drilling footage reaches 8.1 million meters, cumulative logging about 48.6 thousand standard meters, cumulative mud logging about 8.69 million meters, large-scale downhole workover for 1804 wells, acid fracturing for 2017 wells, oil and gas testing for 255 wells and tested 2725 wells.

Engineering and Construction Services:

SSC completed construction for all large scale stations and long-transmission pipelines, honored with 2014 National Excellent Welding Engineering Project Award.