【Tight Gas Project in Erdos Basin】

The project is located in the Daniudi and Hangjinqi Block, going across Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China. It is China’s first pilot area full of horizontal wells. Its accumulative gas production has reached 28.19 billion cm3 by October, 2016. In the area, there are multiple overlapping layers, and the plane is composed of composite joints, and the heterogeneity is strong and the coal seam is developed with Faults merged in the Hangjinqi Area.

SSC provides wellbore services including pre-drilling, drilling, drilling fluid, cementing, logging, well completion, gas testing, directional workover, and staged fracturing, etc. Tight gas has specialties of lower abundance, deeply reserved, tight lithology and strong non-homogeneity, which make it hard to utilize normal technologies to develop the gas reserve effectively and economically. To tackle the technical problems, SSC has developed better designed and more effective stimulation technologies for optimized horizontal wells drilling, staged horizontal well fracturing, integrated orientation, logging and directional services, and comprehensive evaluation on complicated lower permeability reservoirs, cutting the cost of developing tight gas fields.