【Saudi Aramco Project】

SSC provides geophysical, drilling and engineering & construction services for Saudi Aramco, and is its largest onshore drilling contractor, with total ongoing contracts valued 3.28 billion USD. SSC has been awarded repeatedly by Saudi Aramco for the excellent HSE management.

Geophysical prospecting:

SSC has carried out a total of 37,682 square kilometers and 2,134 kilometers of seismic data acquisition in the harsh Rupu Khali desert, Saudi Arabia. SSC has fulfilled accumulatively 4.64 million shots with 14 million man-hours without LTI (Lost Time Injury) and 22 million kilometers safe driving record, and successively obtained five certificates from Saudi Aramco for high efficiency and good data quality.

Wellbore Services:

SSC has 51 drilling and completion rigs, almost 1/4 of the total rigs in Saudi Arabia, and signed contracts valued 5.56 billion USD. In 2013, SSC made a record of Sinopec’s largest oversea drilling service project in Saudi Arabia where it signed a 5+2 term contract of 14 drilling rigs with contract value at 1.77 billion USD. In 2014, SSC made a new record of spudding 5 rigs for a single month, accumulatively saving 111 days before drilling and was awarded by Saudi Aramco. In 2015, average day rates reached 98.76%, and 18 drilling crews were awarded by Saudi Aramco for safe operation and no accidents for consecutive 3 years or even longer, including 3 crews were for 10 years. In 2016, SSC ranked the 1st in Saudi Aramco’s assessment on the quality and efficiency of operation in the 3rd quarter.

Engineering and Construction Services:

Yanbu-Madina Water Pipeline was awarded by the contract owner SWCC for 40 billion hours safe operation and automatic welding service. SSC has been cited repeatedly by contract owners and local governments for excellent bridge and road constructions. In 2015, it was honored by Khamis Mushait government for outstanding contributions and the contribution for better traffic conditions.

Wasea is the oil tanker project using artificial intelligence at the most in the Middle East. It was awarded by Saudi Aramco for consecutive no injuries for 4 million hours in 2013, and was successfully put into production on June 1, 2014.