Corporate Profile

Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation (SSC), a subsidiary under Sinopec Group, is China's largest integrated petroleum engineering and technology service provider as well as the first to offer offshore oil/gas exploration services. With a history of over 50 years' excellent performance, it is one of the leading integrated oilfield service providers in China.

On June 28, 2012, Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation was established after Sinopec Group integrated the petroleum engineering business of its 8 oilfields, who are Shengli Oilfield, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Jianghan Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield, Huabei Oilfield, Xinan Oilfield and Huadong Oilfield, with Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Management Department, Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation and Sinopec Shanghai Offshore Petroleum Bureau. In 2014, it went public in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SH600871) and HKEx (HK1033).

Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation has 7 regional subsidiaries, 3 specialized subsidiaries, 3 institutes, 5 engineering design companies, and 42 research centers. The 7 regional subsidiaries refer to Shengli, Zhongyuan, Jianghan, Xinan, Huabei, Huadong subsidiaries and Shanghai Offshore Engineering Corporation. And the 3 specialized companies are Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation (Sinopec Service), Sinopec Geophysical Corporation and Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation. Till the end of 2016, there were almost 2,000 technical and engineering crews, and 120,000 employees. Its business is mainly involved in 5 sectors which are geophysics, drilling, logging, downhole service and petroleum engineering and construction. Its full chain services range from exploration, drilling, well completion, petroleum production, oil and gas gathering and transmission to well abandonment. Based on accumulated experiences, cutting-edge equipment and strong R&D capabilities, SSC provides integrated services in many areas such as shale gas, tight gas, high sulfur gas, extra deep oil and gas fields and mature oilfields. It has provided full chain services consisted of drilling, fracturing and well testing to Fuling Shale Gas Project, which is the first Shale Gas commercial development project outside the North America.

SSC is dedicated to becoming a world class integrated oilfield service provider. With qualified services, differentiate market positioning and cost-related strength, it has established a diversified international market. In China, it provides petroleum engineering service in 76 basins, 561 authorized blocks and more than 20 provinces. As the overseas business grows rapidly, it executes 357 projects in 38 foreign countries. It is the largest onshore drilling contractor in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and in the market of Petroamazonas. It is also the largest geophysical contractor of Sonatrach.