【Shallow Water Artificial Island Project】

Shengli Oilfield started to construct artificial islands in shallow water areas from 1986. Thanks to oil and gas E&P in the artificial islands, 6 oilfields have been discovered with proven oil and gas reserve of 9100 million tons, annual production of 315 thousand tons, and accumulative production of 2858.7 thousand tons.

SSC provides services of constructing artificial islands, geophysical exploration, wellbore engineering and surface engineering and construction, etc.

Geophysical prospecting:

SSC has fulfilled general or contiguous exploration evaluation of prospecting blocks in shoal & shallow seas, with its own developed technique of seamless geometry design for land, shoal and shallow seas, and discovered new oil fields such as Qingdong, Xinbei and Qiaodong.

Wellbore Services:

Provides services of drilling and completion, logging, offshore oil testing and workover, etc. Successfully developed shallow water drilling and downhole technologies including intensive cluster wells and ERD.

Engineering and Construction Services:

Provides services of EPC for artificial islands and surface engineering projects, and successfully developed technologies for offshore pipeline construction, pipeline inspection and testing, bridges and roads construction in artificial islands, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.