【Puguang Gas Field Project】

Located in Dazhou, Sichuan Province, the gas field covers 1118 km² with over 5000 meters of reservoir depth. As the typical “Triple High” gas field of high sulfur, high pressure and high production, the geological environment is extremely complicated. This field is the largest marine integrated high sulfur gas field ever discovered in China.

Our company undertaken the work of geophysical exploration, well services and engineering construction.

Geophysical prospecting:

The 3D high-resolution mountain seismic exploration service is an important basis for the discovery and rapid detection for the Puguang gas field.

Wellbore Services:

We undertake the services of pre drilling, drilling and completion, logging, testing, gas test, acid fracturing and workover to form the high sulfur gas field engineering supporting technologies like safety high-quality and quick drilling technology, complex situation Detection and prediction logging technology, ultra-deep horizontal well testing technology and safety high-efficiency teasing evaluation technology.

Engineering and Construction Services:

We undertake the engineering EPC services, form the technologies of high sulfur natural gas purification and acid moisture gathering and transportation facilities construction.