【Fuling Shale Gas Project】

Located in Fuling, Sichuan Province, the gas field covers 443.3 km2 with 2600-3500 meters of reservoir depth. As the national level shale gas demonstration area and the first commercialized large scale shale gas field except North America, this field is typical marine shale gas field with complicated geological environment.

As the only company possesses complete and independent shale gas engineering technologies in China, we are the leader and integrator of this area. In the field of shale gas exploration and development, our company always insist in the technology roadmap of autonomy and localization to form nearly 100 autonomous technologies, break multiple key technologies monopoly abroad, fill in multiple domestic technology blanks and realize the serialization, matching, standardization and industrialization of shale gas engineering technologies.

Drilling Engineering:

Forming shale gas drilling, drilling fluid, directional well and cementing technology series representative by technologies like design optimization, well factory drilling, horizontal well borehole trajectory control, well pressure control and oil based drill cuttings treatment technologies.

Well Logging Engineering:

Forming 3 technology series of project design optimization, precise acquisition and interpretation evaluation for shale gas well logging representative by technologies like long horizontal open hole logging, long horizontal well tractor delivery logging, shale gas well interpretation evaluation, long horizontal well geology integrated steering, pump bridge plug connected with multistage perforating technologies.

Downhole Operation:

Forming supporting technologies of large scale fracturing and gas testing construction in shale gas development, accumulating mature experiences in process technology, construction organization, quality control and safety management, having fracturing gas testing service capabilities in shale gas with less than 3500 meters buried depth and 2000 meters horizontal length.

Environment Protection:

Realizing the "One-stop" service from engineering construction to environment improvement afterwards with unique environment protection technologies like oil based drilling cuttings recycle, oil based mud recycle, debris free clean drilling, waste water process and recycle, network electric drilling rig, mud treatment without landing and saving energy and reduce emission by natural gas blowout technologies.