SSC achieved domestic production of all Core technologies and equipment for developing shale gas

In August, 2014, domestic produced bridge plugs and supporting technology, which is China’s another key technology and equipment of developing shale gas, were utilized in Jiaoye No 42 platform of shale gas field in Fuling district of Chongqing Municipality. This is the first time that domestic produced bridge plugs and supporting technology are utilized for commercial development of shale gas. And the successful utilization adds the last piece to the whole blueprint to achieve independence and domestic production of shale gas engineering technologies, which also means that SSC has wholly owned core technology and equipment manufacturing of developing shale gas.

Long phrase horizontal fracturing technology and bridge plugs are significant for developing shale gas. Big challenges were encountered of developing and manufacturing relevant technology and equipment, which are resistant to high temperatures and high pressure at bottoms of wells, but able to be drilled for gathering gas. It takes 5 years for SSC to make studies and finally achieve solutions.

Before that, SSC independently developed core equipments had been successfully utilized in exploring and developing shale gas, including long phrase horizontal drilling technology , bridge plugs fracturing technology,  and Type 3000 fracturing assembles, etc.. For example, SSC independently developed long phrase horizontal drilling technology has replaced the imported ones, achieving accumulated extra 2000m of long phrase horizontal drilling, and cost decreased by 30%. Also the independent developed fracturing instrument reached the international top level, having cost of procurement decreased by more than 50%.

Thanks to the efforts, SSC has owned independent intelligence properties of all technology and equipment for exploring and developing shale gas. It initiated 3 major segments of drilling, logging/mud logging and downhole operation; 9 systems and 57 series of technologies. And it has capabilities of providing a series of petroleum engineering technologies, including drilling, completion, logging/mud logging, fracturing and testing. Assembled with domestic instrument, technology and capabilities of providing services, SSC is authentic to provide a package of solutions for developing and exploring shale gas at home and abroad.

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