Manufacture Started for 8,000-Horsepower Offshore Multifunctional Supply Vessels

On December 2, 2014, manufacture formally started for 8,000-horsepower offshore multifunctional supply vessels invested by SSC and undertaken by Fujian MaWei ShipBuilding Ltd. It is a high-end vessel with cutting-edge technologies, high added value and good performance in energy conservation and environmental protection. Equipped with AFE electric propelling system, DP-2 dynamic positioning and external fire-fighting system, this supply vessel can deliver different materials to offshore platforms and serve the needs of offshore oil platform operation in all-around way. According to the contract, this vessel will be put into operation by 2016.

The Chinese government’s commitment to the development of offshore oil and gas resources provides an extraordinary opportunity for SSC. The 8,000-horsepower multifunctional supply vessel will improve offshore oil project equipment and help implement the strategy of maritime oil and gas resources.

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