Ghana Early Phase Gas Infrastructure Project Started Production

In December 2014, Ghana Early Phase Gas Infrastructure Project undertaken by SSC put into production smoothly. The completion of the project is significant to economic development in Ghana and its cooperation with China.

The contract of Sinopec Ghana natural gas project was signed on July 13, 2013 with contract value of US$757 million. The project was tasked with the collection, processing and transmission of associated gas in Ghana. 186-km onshore pipelines, 46-km pipelines in shallow sea, a 150-million-cubic-feet natural gas processing plant and a NGL transmission system will be constructed. The majority of the pipelines run over hilly areas in addition to 9-km marsh areas and three major rivers. Since it was formally launched on July 20, 2012, all Sinopec staff there worked tirelessly despite tough weather and complex geographical conditions in Ghana, concluded the project in a little over two years, and made sure the processing plant got off to a good start and came into production.

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