Sinopec Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Corp. Promots “Diesel to Electric” Swap in Fuling Work Area

Fuling Work Area of Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Corp further promotes electric assembles which have been used by 45% drilling platforms. drilling rigs, with stable operation and sound performance in general, have met the needs such as well drilling. They have shown impressive results in energy conservation and brought good economic and social benefits.

“Diesel to Electric” swap, the replacement of diesel-powered drilling rigs by electric ones, can cut fuel cost and achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production thanks to low energy consumption, low emission and low cost of electric drillers. Committed to energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon, Fuling Work Area has taken advantage of multiple wells on the same platform, vigorously engaged power suppliers and invested heavily in terms of human and material resources as well as capital in building transmission lines.    

In 2013, Fuling Work Area introduced electric assembles to 7# and a dozen of other platforms, which saved fuel, cut equipment maintenance cost and generated good economic returns.

Now, Fuling Work Area is conducting follow-up assessment on the performance and economic returns of electric drillers, while concluding cooperation agreements with power suppliers. It is also introducing advanced Chinese and foreign technologies in “diesel to electric” technical cooperation in order to give more support to lower energy consumption, cost saving and low carbon emission of China’s shale gas production capacity.

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