Casing Radial Drilling Technology of Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Engineering Corp. Reaches International Advanced Level

Casing radial drilling technology independently developed by Sinopec Shengli Drilling Technology Research Institute has reached international advanced level in this segment. In particular, “one trip” pipeline drilling and cement sheath technology was unprecedented both at home and abroad. With this technology, tunnel is first formed by milling pipeline and horizontal wellbore is then formed by high pressure water jet drilling, which will open new oil and gas channels for oilfield and increase drainage area. It is simple to apply this technology which will generate good economic returns. This technology developed by Sinopec Shengli Drilling Technology Research Institute breaks foreign monopoly, provides strong technological support to increasing crude oil production, and enjoys bright market prospects.
This technology has been applied to five wells which have notably increased their production. Among them, two old wells—Chun 6-Geng 16 well and Pai 612-4 well, after upgrading, have their liquid production almost doubled.

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