SSC holds the 1st Extraordinary General Meeting, the 9th Meeting for the Board of Directors and the Supervision for 2018

SSC held the 1st Extraordinary General Meeting on February 8th, 2018 to deliberate and approve members of the 9th Meeting for the Board of Directors and the Supervision. Then in the 9th Meeting for the Board of Directors, Jiao Fangzheng was elected as chairman of the board; and Sun Qingde was vice chairman of the board. Also in the meeting, Sun Qingde was appointed as president; Chen Xikun, Zhang Yongjie, Zuo Yaojiu and Zhang Jinhong as vice presidents; Li Tian as chief financial manager; and Li Honghai as secretary to the board. Then Li Wei was elected as chairman of supervisory board in the following 9th meeting for the Board of Supervision.

Jiao Fangzheng who is vice president of Sinopec Group and chairman of SSC spoke at the meeting that 2018 is a critical year for the Company to deepen reforms and achieve a decisive victory to turn profitable. The company will focus on the following 4 aspects: firstly, making joint efforts to run for the market and make more profits; secondly, deepening reforms, arousing spirit and improving efficiency; thirdly, strengthening internal management and optimizing capabilities of management and making profits; and fourthly enhancing corporate management under laws and disciplines.

The newly appointed directors, supervisors and senior management shall keep the trust of the shareholders firmly in heart, shoulder responsibilities defined by Sinopec Group and bear expectations of all the staff in mind. Also they need to strictly follow the company’s rules, inspections and disciplines to fulfill their responsibilities. Meanwhile, it will make joint efforts with all the staff to scheme the company’s reforms and development, build it to be a word class corporation, and make excellent performance as returns for the shareholders as well as the society.

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