SSC Held Annual Work Meeting 2014

On 17 January, SSC held the Annual Work Meeting 2014 in Beijing. Jiao Fangzheng, Vice President of Sinopec Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SSC attended and addressed the meeting. Cao Yaofeng, former member of the Sinopec Group leadership, also attended the meeting. Key leaders of the SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering and the SINOPEC Exploration & Production Research Institute were invited to participate in the meeting. Others present at the meeting included members of the SSC leadership, major leaders of the subsidiary bodies, middle-level cadres in Beijing and staff representatives.
Chairman Jiao Fangzheng highlighted the importance of the development philosophy of “taking the market as the root, services as the soul and performance as the foundation”, with a view to following the guidance of the market, comprehensively deepening reform and transformation, adapting to the new normal, addressing the “coldness” of the market and realizing corporate governance for public listing. As Jiao Fangzheng stressed, to adapt to the new normal, we must be firmly rooted in the market and market awareness shall be an important indicator in evaluating all levels of leading officials; we must strengthen the management system for market development, redouble efforts to explore the international market and emerging markets to foster new growth points. To survive in the market, we must be committed to services, which are important as the soul, and work actively to provide the best solutions to the customers and generate self-development in the process of helping the customers. Performance must be the foundation and therefore effectiveness shall be the goal of all operational activities. And with a strong commitment to win-win cooperation, we must ensure that in developing the internal market, we will maximize the overall value of the Sinopec Group and in developing the external market, for each project we do, we will make a friend, set a good example and establish a base.     

At the meeting, President Zhu Ping gave a review of the work in 2014 and report on the arrangements for 2015. Party Secretary Zhou Shiliang made arrangements on how to further improve relevant activities of the party committee.

The meeting had four breakout sessions on sub-topics, namely, deepening reform and work control; strict management and human resources development; resources optimization and maximization of performance through tapping the potential; and market exploration for increase of revenue and economic benefits. At the meeting, decisions were announced for the 2013 Science and Technology Award of  SSC and for commending the 2012-2013 Sinopec Group Oil Project Model gold-medal crews, gold-medal and silver-medal crews and outstanding field managers, with some of the winners attending the award-giving ceremony. Representatives of the Shengli engineering, the North China project engineering, the Fuling shale gas project and the Kuwait project shared their experiences in the ceremony. 

At the meeting, a democratic evaluation was also conducted of the company’s leadership as a whole and members of the leadership individually.


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