The Transformative and Upgrading Path Shaped by Scientific and Technological Innovation

SSC Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation, themed on “Science and Technology Drives Development, Innovation Leads the Future”, was held in Beijing from October 19-21. Sinopec Group Chairman Wang Yupu attended the conference. In his remarks, Chairman Wang emphasized that SSC must increase the sense of urgency in scientific and technological innovation, develop its own advantages in technology and development, and shape the transformative and upgrading path by scientific and technological innovation.
Sinopec Corp. Senior Vice President Wang Zhigang and Sinopec Group Vice President Jiao Fangzheng attended the conference and made remarks. Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Cao Yaofeng, Ma Yongsheng and Li Yang delivered academic presentations.
In recent years, SSC has developed six sets of integrated technologies, namely shale gas, high-acid oil and gas reservoir, deep oil and gas reservoir, tight oil and gas reservoir, shallow water oil and gas reservoir exploration and development as well as coal-bed methane development, making important contribution to the 5 billion m3 shale gas production capacity, 12 billion m3 high-acid gas fields and 3-million-ton shallow water oil and gas fields in China. As a result, SSC has significantly improved its capacity to provide integrated and full industrial-chain services.
In his keynote speech, Chairman Wang put emphasis on five issues. First, SSC must increase the sense of urgency in scientific and technological innovation. “Only the reformers and innovators will emerge stronger and win.” To survive and develop, SSC must be committed to comprehensive innovation centered on scientific and technological innovation and develop its own advantages in technology and development. Second, SSC must stick to the correct direction in innovation. It should build the innovation chain on the basis of its industrial chain, make innovation an integral part of industrial development, translate innovation outcomes into concrete industrial activities, measure scientific and technological outcomes as well as researchers’ contribution and value with market value. Third, SSC must speed up the improvement of its system and institutions for innovation. SSC should step up internal coordination in innovation; it should promote open innovation rather than self-isolation; it should leverage innovation resources globally rather than try to do everything by itself; and it should explore such new models as mass innovation and crowdsourcing. Fourth, SSC must fully stimulate creativity in innovation. It should move fast in improving incentive and disciplinary mechanisms for innovation in light of actual conditions. In particular, the “big-pot” system must be broken so that researchers will have their own “golden rice bowl” to stimulate their creativity. Fifth, SSC must step up the building of a large pool of talented people. Cultivation of talents should be given top priority in innovation and implemented with concrete steps. Young talents should have fair access in their work to big opportunities in order to advance their career and unleash their potentials. Researchers should be encouraged to work on the frontier so that they can identify and resolve problems and thus develop their talents in practice.
Chairman Wang stressed that given the severe challenges in production and operation this year, SSC must make all-out efforts in expanding external markets and mitigate operational risks. It should work closely with its clients in overcoming current challenges through integrated coordination like “one family and one mind”. It should also further tap potentials to increase efficiency, stay committed to the red line in production safety and care for the life of its staff.
The conference officially announced six sets of representative, advanced and integrated technologies as well as core and proprietary technologies of Sinopec in oil engineering and technical services, awarded Sinopec and SSC units, teams and researchers for their scientific and technological achievements, and outlined the 13th five-year action plan for scientific and technological innovation.
Representatives from CNPC, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum, Shenhua Group, Huaneng Power International Inc., Huaneng Mining, SCP Oilfield Services, and Oil and Gas Center of China Geological Survey as well as from Sinopec subsidiaries, SSC head office and its subsidiaries attended the conference. (Li Taiyu)

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